Talking Elly Elephant Free

Talk to Elly and she will talk with you!
Elly is a little elephant,that responds to belly rubs and repeats everything you say in a funny voice.
You have to rub Elly belly when she does not doing anything (just blinking) and then you will see hear reaction.

Please make sure that your media volume is turned on.
While Elly speaks you can change volume with volume keys.

Samsung Hope Relay

Robo (Bada) on Samsung Apps

This engaging puzzle contains over seventy diverse levels, a huge variety of brain twisting tasks and superb graphics. Let's help two loving cybernetic hearts to find each other!

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for Bada


When war hits home, abandon all fear.
The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.
• An intense 13-mission campaign with impressive cinematics and memorable moments.
• A frantic multiplayer with 12 players, 6 maps and 7 different modes.
• An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks.
• High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.

Lucky Birds City for Bada