How to break the record in Fruit Ninja (game bug)

1.Catch a  Frenzy  banana. Please note: it works only with Frenzy.
2 Press exit button (exit from the game).
3 Run the game and continue playing.
4 Break all records:)

Rumors: Samsung Galaxy III will support bada

There are some rumors around new Samsung flagship Galaxy S III. One of them is that new smartphone will support both Android and Bada. Samsung Galaxy S III presentation is expected in February at the MWC 2012.

Samsung Wave 525 Widget Pack

Download Links inside

New & Upcomming Bada Games Review

Hi! As I noticed, mobile games developers began work on bada-games seriously. So today I want to present You new and upcoming games for Samsung Wave... (Continued in fill news)

Holiday Gifts for All Family

The Holidays Are Coming! Time to Buy Christmas Gifts  ;-)

Ultimate Snowboarding 240x400 java game

Jump on board and fasten the attacks. But fa'attenzione - this slope is different from the others! It is the territory of the Yeti. An explosive mixture! You can tackle them alone in the Quick Start or so defeat them with friends in Hot Seat mode. And when you hear a sample of snowboarding, test your skills in Career mode. Link to download page

BADA 2.0 Themes

Want to present you a few themes designed for Samsung Waves smartphones that work under Bada 2.0

EA™ Giveaway Promotion for Christmas & New-Year

Download EA (Electronic Arts) titles at Samsung Apps for a chance to win EA games on PS3 and a PlayStation 3!
7 winners will be selected every week to grab some EA games on PS3, and 2 winners will win a PlayStation 3 and 4 EA games on PS3.
Full description on Official Promotion Page on Facebook

Samsung Bada SDK 2.0.3

Samsung released new version of its bada SDK 2.0.3
 You can download it here

Animated Wallpapers for Wave 525

Bad news for Samsung Wave 525 owners

Bad news for Samsung Wave 525 owners.
Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 will not get the bada 2.0 update, both of which are stuck on the version 1.1.Now Samsung preparing the so called “Value Pack” for these two devices.
Value Pack” is designed to offer the same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.
BUT! Two users of Russian portal said that they are going to work on port Wave 723 version of bada 2.0 for Wave 525. So, maybe, some day we'll get bada 2.0 on our 525..

Book Player for Samsung Wave, Wave II and Wave 3

Bookmark audio files such as audio books and audio lectures with Book Player application. 

Main Features:
- Multiple bookmarks with custom titles
- The ability to add note with the bookmark
- Auto-Saves the last played file and the position and open it with Continue button
- Fix missing files after the user changes the location/path of the audio file
- Easy to use interface with custom Audio player
Samsung Apps Link (FREE)

Download it from Amazon

Badalution 2 for Bada 2.0

Badalution is addictive adventure game for Samsung Wave 3 under  BADA 2.0 in which you control hero using tilt sensor (simply by moving your  phone). Jump on platforms and collect treasures. Be aware, avoid enemies to finish  underwater evolution. Enjoy your journey in the ocean deep! Game is Free for download.

Samsung Wave 3 S8600 battery life test

GSMArena tested new Samsung Wave 3 S8600 working time. 
Results in full article..

F1 - Formula 1 News for Bada

Good news for F1 Fans who owns Bada-phones. Get the latest Formula 1 updated news from around the World with this mobile application. See the latest score, standings and individual driver profile right in your mobile.
The application is free for downloading from Samsung Apps

Movie Studio for Samsung Wave 3

An application Movie Studio that helps you to to create movie from your videos, images, text and audio has been released on Samsung Apps.

According to its description you can: 

- Import videos and images as scenes into the storyboard 
- Apply effects like sepia, black and white, blur etc. on the scenes 
- Apply transitions like Checkerboard, Circle, Dissolve etc. between scenes 
- Add caption on the scenes 
- Add text as a scene for introduction, credits etc. 
- Add background audio 
- Export the storyboard into a movie in various resolution settings and 3gp format 

The app is free to download for Samsung Wave 3, Wave Y and M

Samsung breaks records, sells over 300 millions

According to the Reuters report Samsung sold over 300 million mobile devices this year. Congratulations!