A few new games for Bada. October 2012


Draw one of three pieces on the field but don't rotate them. Purposes of the game are different, but you always need to delete the lines!
Cute graphic style as the book or the blackboard. Many skins, representing different paper and different boards.

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Crime Files: The Templar Knight

Some people are hiding the truth and it is up to you to find out who!

This thrilling investigation game places you at the heart of the mystery as either an eager teen investigator or a female police officer. Solve the mystery behind the missing Templar Knight sword that has strangely disappeared from a museum exhibition. It’s your job to explore and discover concealed catacombs and hidden secrets behind the disappearance! Can you uncover the facts and find out who is guilty?

Collect clues, explore the town, interrogate people and reveal the secret of the Templar Knight!


• TWO PART SERIES AVAILABLE - Play and complete both episodes
• COLLECT CLUES AND INTERVIEW SUSPECTS on your quest to reveal the truth!
• USE CROSS EXAMINATION TECHNIQUES to interrogate suspects
• 8 COMPELLING CHAPTERS to explore and solve the mystery of the Templar Sword!
• HOURS OF INVESTIGATION FUN with this exciting crime adventure

Want more crime adventure? Then make sure you download Crime Files 2: The Cursed Hotel

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Crime Files 2: The Cursed Hotel

The mystery continues as you set out to uncover a brand new case!

In this investigation game, you play as an experienced police inspector and a young journalist. Near bankruptcy, the hotel is facing a series of odd events including several burglaries. Who is guilty? What secret lies beneath the hotel? Collect clues and interrogate the residents to make them reveal what they know. Using powers of deduction make them confess by cleverly turning their words against themselves.

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Crime Files 3: The Mafia’s War

Observe, interrogate and prove!
In this investigation game, play 4 different characters to untangle the murder.
An another affair is shaking the neighborhood. What’s this dockers gang terrorizing everyone? And what’s the link with Catarina, the pretty Latina tourist who fears for her life? Collect clues and confound residents to force them to reveal their secrets.

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Get Spawned and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge!

Vicious army of bacteria’s is attacking your health system and you need defeat it. Fight back with different kinds of bacteria units, protect your own bases and sweep out the enemy. There’s no need for a doctor –aggression is the cure!

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Death Animator

The ghastly endeavor is now is now successfully accomplished. But we do now realize that the terror is unleashed, Now the terrible creations should be subdued before they over run the Miskantonic Valley.

Directions: Shoot the zombies as they rise and find the weak spots on the lesser zombies.

Play the game and feel the rise of the terror in your when you successfully topple down the zombies one after another and run through levels.

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Samsung's new Smartphone with Tizen OS 2.0 to be launched in early 2013

Samsung expects to be able to launch a smartphone that runs on the operating system Tizen early next year. Smartphone aimed at consumers will use the latest software version 2.0 Tizen. It is delivered during the event Tizen Mini Summit in Korea Linux Forum 2012 which was held at the JW Marriot in Seoul, South Korea, where Samsung was the host.

Dual Game

Dual game is basically developed to give user the experience of playing two games on one screen at a time. It enhances both left and right parts of brain and keep them active


WebCapture is a browser enhancement tool, which can help you automatically while browsing the complete capture and save a picture.

Save WAP page may be incomplete due to technical reasons. Vexed.

Symbian theme for Wave 1/2/3

This theme looks a lot like symbian operating system, Symban Belle and Anna. The icons are pretty neat and clean. Theme is also lite. Not too much load on your sasung wave smartphone.

This theme will convert your normal looking samsung wave to Symbian Os.

This theme is specially made for Bada 2.0 Firmware. Download this theme right away. Links below.

Bada 3.1 [SW Skin] – Static Flash Lockscreen

A new High Definition theme has arrived for Samsung Bada. This theme takes it to the next level with a static flash lockscreen.

The theme’s lockscreen has something different in it. When you swipe it, it just gives you a heptic feedback with a good amount of vibration.

Have a look at this nice beautiful looking theme.

Samsung Has Sold 10M Galaxy S3′s, But ‘iPhone 5′ Still The Most-Wanted Phone

techcrunch.com made a research about what phone is better - Samsung Galaxy S III or upcoming Iphone 5.
You are welcome to read it here

ASIA'S TOP 1000 BRANDS 2012: Samsung Brand No. 1 Consumer Choice

Samsung has become the number one brand according to a recent report Asia-Pacific Campaign 2012 Asia's Top 1000 Brands, the largest and most influential survey on brands that are rated by consumers in the region.

Another brand that appears in the top 5 of each is Apple, Sony, Nestle, and Panasonic. Apple and Nestle are new entries this year coming into the top five, moving up significantly - one each in the order of four and five - in their ranks.

"Samsung is sweeping the top positions can be associated with their brand's dedication to innovation in a variety of consumer electronics products," said Jolene Otremba, Editor Reports on the Campaign Asia-Pacific. "Make them focus on marketing and advertising with high visibility, as well as its commitment to develop their brand presence in the market both new and mature has helped to give impetus to the brand."

HD TurboFly winning bada 2.0 Power App Race

Samsung Electronics today announced the first winners of bada 2.0 Power App Race, global application contest organized by Samsung bada developer site that offers developers a chance to win up to $ 100,000.

TIZEN with Super AMOLED and HD display

In order to reduce dependence on the Android mobile operating system from Google, Samsung Electronics will launch TIZEN based smartphones by the end of this year. TIZEN first smartphone from Samsung will be using high-resolution screen Super AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) Plus HD, making it the world's first mobile phone that will use this new model screen. However, to attract consumers, this model will be sold at a low price like other models of non-premium in the market.

Air Hockey Turbo

Beat the AI opponent in the Air Hockey Turbo game! A lot of levels with increasing difficulty. Have a lot of fun!

Talking Elly Elephant Free

Talk to Elly and she will talk with you!
Elly is a little elephant,that responds to belly rubs and repeats everything you say in a funny voice.
You have to rub Elly belly when she does not doing anything (just blinking) and then you will see hear reaction.

Please make sure that your media volume is turned on.
While Elly speaks you can change volume with volume keys.