Polaris Office for Wave M and Wave Y

Polaris Office now is FREE for download in Samsung Apps...

Bada 2.0: Video-demonstration of S8500XXKK5

RingtonePro: Make Your Bada-ringtone [Wave Y(S5380D) and Wave M(S7250) and Wave 3(S8600)]

Here is the app, which helps U to cut Your favorite piece of song to set it as ringtone. Good news - it is FREE on Samsung Apps. Bad news is that this app designed only for Wave 3, Wave Y and Wave M.
Link to Samsung Apps India: Wave 3 , Wave Y and Wave M, or just search for RingtonePro on  Samsung Apps

Samsung Wave II and Wave 3 Comparison

French portal Test-Mobile.fr posted a video and photos to show the differences of Samsung Wave II and Wave 3.

ANDROID WIDGETS FOR WAVE 723, 533, 525 and 575

Mobiletag. Barcode scaner for Samsung Wave

An application which allows you to decode all types of standard barcodes (Datamatrix, flashcode, URI, fotokody, QR codes, QR Code Docomo, 1D UPC, EAN 13, ASIN, ISBN) has appeared in Samsung Apps...