Rumor: Samsung Dropping Android for In-House Linux! Team Cyanosung Maybe! and More

There are no end of rumors flying the Internet and it’s always hard to know whether to pick them up and run with it or simply ignore it as pure and utter garbage. When someone hits you up who you’ve never heard of before and tells you some news that is so big, it could change the face of our community, you never sure what to do. Sometimes I decide to throw the information out to you guys and let you decide what you think! Let you determine if it is true or completely unfounded. I only do this when I can’t make my mind up either way.
This little tidbit of information came our way courtesy of family conversation between one family member who apparently works for Samsung and a relative. One of the parties decided he wanted to share this information and contacted AndroidSPIN on Twitter.

I’m leaning on the site of unfounded rumor mongering, but not enough to hold me back from posting about it and digging a little further with your help. Also, it’s the Holidays and the commuity is pretty quiet so throwing out some rumors is always a good read.

If you have any news related to any of these rumors, be sure to leave us some info in the comments, or if you prefer, you can always email us

So what’s the news you ask? The title has already given you a big hint, but here’ what we’ve been told!

Samsung Dropping Android.

According to our tipster, Samsung is going to dump Android at the end of next year and they are going to expand their very own Linux based OS to replace it. They go on to state the reason Samsung hired Steve Kondik (AKA Cyanogen), was not for his Android genius, but instead for his knowledge of Linux and mobile device integration (Which is what Android is anyway). The new or updated OS is said to be a new version of bada with the underlying OS replaced with Linux. The next release of bada is said to be called bada 3, which makes sense as bada 2.0 is the current version. bada is pretty advanced and already supports multi-tasking and Near Field Communications (NFC), but without the backing of the Android Market, it’s going to be very difficult for them to compete with Android.

bada, for those of you who don’t know, is a mobile operating system created by Samsung for use on mobile phones, ranging from low-end feature phones to high-end Smartphone’s. They’ve had bada for a couple of years, but appeared to favor Android for its high end device as it became more popular. They already have quiet a number of handsets based on bada and some of them are pretty powerful devices like the WaveII with its 1GHz processor.

Apparently, this decision was move into a high gear once Google bought Motorola. When this was announced, Samsung decided to change their game plan. I can understand some concerns on Samsung’s behalf, worried that Google would favor Motorola over everyone else to ensure better profits, but we are all hoping this would not be the case.

The other snippet of information you might want to know is that bada has mainly been geared towards the Asian markets and not the US or EU. It makes little sense for Samsung to introduce Bada to other markets this late in the game. The Asian markets are a completely different animal with regard to electronics then the EU and US markets. Asian markets are quicker to accept new entries into a market, and are more accepting of a multitude of platforms. The EU and US markets by comparison tend to stick to 3 platforms at a maximum, largely snubbing additional competitors.

Samsung are a very strong force, and Google alienating them in any way due to the Motorola deal could cost big on both sides, and I’m sure Google knows that.

In conclusion, we already know that Samsung had an alternative operating system for smart-phones, so we know they have the capabilities, but I don’t think they’d abandon Android without a lot more support behind them for applications and 3rd parties.

Samsung considering dropping development of Windows phones.

Samsung is going to dump Windows Mobile phone development due to the fact that Microsoft has signed a huge deal with Nokia. We have been told that they consider this partnership too strong to compete with and will leave them behind as far as Windows development goes.

Not sure I’m a believer in this one. It’s true that Nokia is a very strong contender in the cell phone market, but I can’t see them wiping everybody else with their new phones. I will admit that I’d love to get my hands on a high end Nokia Smartphone powered by Windows Mobile or Android. Nokia know how to make a handset. They know how to target the different levels of consumer and their build quality for high end phones is simple awesome.

Another New phone from Samsung

Samsung is going to release a new device known internally as the “N1″. The tipster took a photo of this so called device as you can see below:

Samsung Code Named N1 Phone Photo

It’s almost impossible to see what this phone really is, but it does have the Android buttons across the bottom. It could be one of the Galaxy S2 early prototypes or maybe it’s not even a Samsung phone at all. The only thing pointing this phone towards a Samsung design is a Samsung logo on a box below it, and obviously that means absolutely Zero. Additionally, the sharp corners are an indication of prototype form and very rarely make it into production as they are disliked by the users, and ergonomically incorrect. sharp corners also effect durability. With this information, I’m pretty sure this picture is not what they think it is.

The phone is said to be powered by a Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor and has 1 GB ram. It does not support LTE. It has a brand new webkit engine and is reportedly incredibly fast.

They also go on to state that Samsung is going to release 5 new Qualcomm powered Smartphone’s this year. Hmmm, 5 more phones as well as the Galaxy S2! Sounds like a lot of secrets this late in the year that we don’t know about, if this has any truth to it.

Galaxy S3 Re-Designed due to apple Patents

Samsung is currently working on a re-designed of the Galaxy series of devices for the Galaxy S3. this is to work around the patents Apple keeps trying to throw down everyone’s necks.

I’m sure all the manufacturers are looking at designs and concepts with all the legal BS going around right now. That makes this little snippet of information pretty mute really.

Have fun with this one people. I await your replies with baited breath

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