Mobiletag. Barcode scaner for Samsung Wave

An application which allows you to decode all types of standard barcodes (Datamatrix, flashcode, URI, fotokody, QR codes, QR Code Docomo, 1D UPC, EAN 13, ASIN, ISBN) has appeared in Samsung Apps... 

Quote from description from Samsung Apps:

With the application Mobiletag barcode reader you will be able to:

- Scan and compare prices and find the best deals for DVDs, books, video games and all electronic products, with each day more and more references available.

- You can also access your favorite web and mobile content (videos, images, MP3, news, blogs ...), as well as features such as mobile Vcard to save your contacts or send SMS.

The application uses the camera on your Samsung phone to read 2D barcodes. Open the application mobiletag and scan the barcode.

The application takes care of everything, decodes the barcode and guides you to access your favorite mobile content. No data entry is to be performed.

Languages: French and English

Link to Samsung Apps India:
Samsung Wave / Wave 2 

Or just search for "Mobiletag" on Samsung Apps.

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