Samsung's new Smartphone with Tizen OS 2.0 to be launched in early 2013

Samsung expects to be able to launch a smartphone that runs on the operating system Tizen early next year. Smartphone aimed at consumers will use the latest software version 2.0 Tizen. It is delivered during the event Tizen Mini Summit in Korea Linux Forum 2012 which was held at the JW Marriot in Seoul, South Korea, where Samsung was the host.

As a member of the team's Technical Director (Technical Steering Group) for project Tizen, Samsung and Intel hopes to release a full version of Tizen 2.0 in January 2013, which for the moment are available for alpha version. While consumers are hoping to use the first Tizen smartphone from Samsung could wait from March.

Samsung's commitment to the Tizen project also demonstrated the high level of investment they make. No less than 100 billion won has been disbursed by Samsung Tizen a platform for the success of their future replace Android. Not only is Samsung, the Linux Foundation and Intel will also contribute to promoting open-source software platform.

One of the Samsung bada developer who now co-developed Tizen said: "What distinguishes our previous memngembangkan internally by taking advantage of the innovations that have been realized over the years. Now we can develop more quickly in the open source community in a place where the power of innovation to speeding has adopted a strategy that is reflected in this product. "

As a premium member of the Linux Foundation, Samsung Electronics has contributed in the development of the Linux kernel, and is currently 10 in the amount of contributions made. For example, recently a new filesystem for NAND flash driver and memory cards, F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System), has been filed by Samsung for inclusion in the Linux kernel.

"Open source software has positioned itself as a driver of new business in my company," said Park Won-joo, managing director at Software R & D Center of Samsung Electronics said, adding that more than 90% of Samsung products that use open source software. Samsung started applying houseware products in 2003, when it signed a license contract with MontaVista. Since 2006, Samsung Electronics has used the Linux platform in full scale. Therefore, the Tizen project is an important part of the strategy of Samsung in the future.

Samsung Electronics is also hoping to take advantage of open source license management systematically registered. Through a series of legal disputes, Samsung has now realized the importance of using legitimate software. But because the Android software that is used now is owned by outsiders, Samsung can not do much besides developing a viable alternative.

Regarding bada, its own operating system developed by Samsung, will be integrated with Tizen to strengthen and enrich the ecosystem both. Samsung still will provide some support for bada devices that have been circulating in the market, whether it be updated to a newer version or to Tizen. Both software platform is expected to support each other in the future.

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