[Rumors] Samsung to stop Bada development by 2013

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung will stop producing devices with the OS Bada, by 2013.

The operating system Bada was alternative to Google Android for some time, its own proprietary backup to prevent it from being too dependent on the other offering, and the help differentiate in a market of Android clones.

These latest rumors, about Samsung is not the manufacture of Bada, nor from 2013, were apparently started by Eldar Murtazin detailed report on plans for Samsung's own OS. Samsung has already stopped growing the internal platform.

Last year, Samsung also announced it was developing a different operating system, Tizen, with Intel and the Linux Foundation. Tizen which is part of these reports, is still unknown. Last we heard, in January, is that Tizen would be merged with Bada, which allows you to create  Tizen  applications using the  Bada  SDK.

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