Top 5 best RPGs on bada

According to PocketGamer - the Best Games for Samsung Bada are: full news.. 

Tiny the Trick Master
Tiny takes its cues from dodgily localised JRPGs of the past, with the typical setting of a small rural village and the typical hero in the form of a young boy.

There's also the odd chunk of text dialogue so bad that we're not quite sure if it's intended for comic effect or not.

What's not typical about Tiny the Trick Master is its premise. There are no swords and a distinct lack of sorcery.

As Tiny, you have to teach the village elder, who isn't too unlike that angry bloke from upstairs in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a lesson by playing pranks on him. The swine.

Crusade of Destiny HD
The world may have fallen for Warcraft and its life-eating allures, but don’t worry, bada owners, because there's something on the App Market for you.

Crusade of Destiny certainly looks a lot like the MMO behemoth, and though it's not massively multiplayer, it packs a similar array of gameplay features.

For example, it has character classes (Warrior, Archer, and Mage), with trainable skill trees. It has mounts. It has in-game time cycles. It has multiple damage types to consider (slashing, blunt, piercing, fire, ice, and energy). It even has an in-game economy.

Dungeon Hunter

If real life were an RPG, we would wonder the streets randomly helping people (which would be nice) whilst taking all their stuff and looting houses, high street shops and even churches (which wouldn’t).

Thankfully, Dungeon Hunter on bada allows people to get their questing and looting fix without stepping on any real-life toes.

It does feature a story about evil or darkness or something along those lines, but what will really keep you hooked is the enormous amount of loot on offer, from armour pieces, blades, axes, hammers, and bows with five power-boosting enchanted faeries also tagging along.

Dark Shrine

Dark Shrine is a tidy little action-RPG that mixes standout chibi anime style and solid combat mechanics. Wielding a blade is as simple as giving the screen a swipe, while magic spells are assigned to wee buttons next to your character stats near the bottom of the screen.

It boasts all the RPG staples, hit points, mana, inventory, and status screens, but give it a go and you'll find yourself drawn in by its charm and playability, as you guide demon-kin hero Leinhart through the dark shrine of the game's title.

There's also a free Lite version, so why not, eh?

Caligo Chaser

While the touchscreen thumbstick controls in Caligo Chaser may be enough to drive gaming connoisseurs to tears of frustration, manage to look past them and you've actually got a deep, combat-heavy adventure.

This side-scrolling game is chock full of quests, sending you out to various fighty arenas filled with mobs, but the combat system is fairly tactical and seeing the number of combo hits steadily rise is a rewarding lure.


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