Samsung Wave 3 Takes Route 66 for Samsung Navigation

Samsung smartphones may soon get Samsung Navigation, a new navigation solution developed from Samsung’s tie up with Route 66, a company which is engaged in bringing out navigation solutions which are easy to use on different smartphone platforms.

Samsung Navigation, according to the company circles, is a turn-to-turn navigation solution based on GPS data which will help people locate their destination instantly with their phones.

However, as a beginning, it is reported that only Samsung Wave 3 will be getting the navigation solution. Similarly, Samsung Navigation will reach only selected markets in the beginning.

The new service offers instant access to the latest maps of any place, so that you need not anymore worry about transferring the right map to the device before you go for a trip.

The access is instant and you can also opt to download the maps to your device to use them in offline mode, or if it is convenient, users can use the maps online also.

Well, the service features buildings and landmarks shown with a pinch of 3D so that users can orient themselves on the way and recognize a place easily with a glance to the route.

The interface of Samsung Navigation is designed to enable easy use, even if the user has very less experience using such services.

It adds a show short cuts menu to help users instantly access to the most used features.


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