Aero Digital Clock - 24h Edition - Samsung Wave

Aero Digital Clock - 24h Edition -  Samsung Wave

Hi. Today I decided to look for some apps or games or smth else on SamsungApps, and I've found some interesting clock widget. Here it is
But it available only for buying. What a pity!)))

Description from SamsungApps:

Stylish animated multi-color Digital Clock with Date for your Home screen.
    - 24 hour clock with seconds
    - display the current date (switchable to on / off)
    - easy to use
    - Slim Design
    - 14 colors
    - glass effect
    - low CPU usage

New in Version 2.1:
    - display the current date
    - new color changing bar
    - 14 colors (earlier version, only 7 colors)
    - optimized CPU usage
    - thinner frame

If I'll find free version, I post link here ;)
Anyway, you can buy it, if you want. (p.s. it's not an ad, and I'm not drive you to do it)

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