MobTorrent - BitTorrent client

MobTorrent - BitTorrent client

MobTorrent is the first BitTorrent client for Java ME. It requies CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0 and JSR 75 for file handling. The target platform is Nokia S40 such as Nokia 6500 clasic, however it should support all Java ME capable phones with the proper JSRs.
MobTorrent supports S60 platform as well, however for that we recommend SymTorrent.

For detailed information please watch our screencast which demonstrates the main functions of MobTorrent.

MobTorrent 1.1 fixes sevarl problems and imroves download speed as well. If you would like to have any new features or you find some bugs don't hesitate to email them to us.

If you would like to import MobTorrent source into NetBeans, please create firstly a MobTorrent engine project, then a MobTorrent project which refers to the engine as a library. If you are facing with any issues related to the source please contact us.

MobTorrent is free and open source software under GNU General Public License. If you want to support MobTorrent please contact us.


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Anonymous said...

MobTorrent would never work with Private site trackers. Then it stopped working with Open/Public trackers do to them changing to UDP trackers. I wish someone would pick up the project and update MobTorrent so it would. The last tracker it DID work with was Demonoid...Which was taken down weeks ago. As of right now (to the best of my knowledge) MobTorrent does not work with any current trackers.