Cyberon Voice Commander

Cyberon Voice Commander for Samsung Wave

 I found this on SamsungApps, and I was surprised that it works on Wave 525. Developers began create some interesting stuff not only for Wave 5800 but for Wave 525 too. 

Description from SamsungApps

Cyberon Voice Commander (CVC) is a Speech Dialog System that provides natural human interface for users to communicate seamlessly with mobile devices. Through CVC, users can make phone calls, look up contact info. The utility features have not only enhanced the handheld devices’ added-on value and usability, but also significantly increased the convenience for users. The whole function:
‒ Voice Control of Name Dial, Digit Dial
‒ Voice Control of Digit Dial,
‒ Voice Control of Contact/time Query
‒ N-Best recognition results
‒ Digit Dial setting allow user adjust number limitation for better accuracy rate.

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