Samsung Bada 2.0 - What's New?

The newly released bada 2.0 introduces many new and exciting features for developers and users. Here you can see at a glance feature overviews as well as other informative contents of bada 2.0. Each of the documents below will help you understand better and guide you through development.

There are a review of Bada 2.0 on 'Bada Developers' appeared. According to this Bada 2.0 have meny new features:

  • bada 2.0 highlights
  • An overview of Layout management
  • Introducing NFC Manager, tag discovery and message read/write
  • Inter-App communication: Exchanging information between two apps
  • A brief introduction to Speech To Text feature
  • Simple use of Text To Speech feature
  • Wi-Fi Direct: How to setup the Wi-Fi Direct network.
  • Introducing bada Ad Gateway
  • Receiving Push Messages 
  • Ensuring Application Performance with Performance Analyzer
  • Profiler tool: Tips to improve the performance
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