Samsung Wave Screen Crash-test

Paul Ckladchikov decided to test the strength of his Samsung Wave Gorilla Glass.

"On Friday there was another stroke of bad luck for my Wave ... He was running the floor with all the "love" (of course the unit itself was not at fault). As a result it was broken into pieces (even doubled up the battery), the only thing that has not broken is the glass GG, despite the fact that the display crashed in to pieces, and only the top layer glued to the glass (was choppy too). But glass does not have a single crack. Sincerely, double crush tester, Paul."


Anonymous said...

can u plz tell me that in which format does game workd in samsung wave 525 ??????

also why there isnt any black background coming in the menu when i apply a black theme ????

iduck said...

java games (*.jar)