Bada 1.2 upgrade and bada 2.0 SDK

Bada 1.2 upgrade and bada 2.0 SDK
A little information ;)

This information appeared some time ago, but as I was absent so I deliver it to you, my Readers, now.

As you know, We all were waiting for new Bada 2.0,  but a lot of people have forgotten about the official bada 1.2 upgrade. As official Samsung bada twitter page says (samsungbada), bada 1.2 is available for upgrade in Russia via Kies and will be everywhere by the end of 2 quarter of this year. I know a lot of you have probably already upgraded to 1.2 in Europe or via leaked firmware but for those waiting for an official release, here are the dates according to Samsung.

bada 1.2 Upgrade Dates via Kies:
Russia: upgrade via Keis today
Brazil: Mid May
H.K.: Early May
India: Late April
Slovenia: Late April
Argentina: Early June
Canada: Currently under discussion via mobile carriers.

And here is some information about Bada 2.0.  It seems that Samsung will be releasing the 2.0 SDK globally in the 2nd quarter of 2011.


ali said...

when bada OS 1.2 come to pakistan

ali said...

i am using s533 want to know when it release to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...


it will not release for s525 or s533 according to samsung official person.

Sikndar said...

Still no upgrades for 525 in Pakistan?