imX: ICQ-widget for Samsung Wave

imX - is a ICQ widget for a quick exchange of short messages, created by Vladimir Fedorov.

The following translated by Google Translate, so sorry for bad English.

   1. The widget is minimized to the 100x100 icon, when clicked, it takes a working screen.
   2. After downloading the widget is prompted to enter username and password.
   3. The history of communication is stored in a separate text file.
   4. For any contact, you can reconstruct the history of communication.
   5. After successful login, a list of all contacts.
   6. Contacts are displayed with the current status.
   7. Offline messages are successfully received.
   8. After clicking on the contact tab appears with his name.
   9. Clicking on an open tab displays a dialog.
  10. Contains animated smileys.
  11. There is a custom list templates (phrases for quick answers).
  12. There is a customizable list of rules for answering (if enabled in preferences).
  13. All data is stored in files that are in the public domain.
  14. It is possible to cyclically change their status (online, busy, away, invisible).
  15. The update added the logo BadaBlog.
  16. The widget automatically generates reducing the size of the widget for 240x400.

DOWNLOAD imX: ICQ-widget for Samsung Wave

Language packs for widget:

download language pack or service pack (right mouse button and select "Save as ...") and put it in the "Others" folder device (do not forget to reboot after this widget ... sometimes you need a full reinstall it)

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