How to remove (hide) standard ringtones and wallpapers

Get rid of the standard files in the usual way is impossible, but there is a method to remove, or rather hide,  still possible.

1. Connect the phone via Samsung Kies
2. Take any Mp3 file
3. Move mp3 in a folder with the sounds - Computer \ Wave525 \ Phone \ Sounds \ Ringtones
4. Now you have to rename the copied file .mp3 as one of the standard sounds, for example "Do it now.mp3"
5. Disconnect the phone, open the folder on your phone with ring-tones (Menu - My Files - Sounds - Ring tones), and remove the file "Do it now.mp3" (they are now two, with lock and without). After removal of the first file, the other is automatically unlocked and can be removed now.

Those who do not have a computer, can also use this method. To rename a file, use the BlueFTP

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